Transforma Ladder™

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  • Multi Tool

    The Multi-Tool tackles the lot. From everyday repairs to big renovations, you’ll never want to be without it! A grinder, sander, polisher and more.

  • Twist-A-Saw™

    With 10x the speed of a regular drill, Twist-A-Saw™ is a proven powerhouse in the palm of your hand. Just plunge cut and go!

  • Join-A-Jig™

    Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or make practical storage for a fraction of the cost with Join-A- Jig™. Jig it, Drill it, Join It!

  • Twist-A-Mini™

    Don't let your creativity be limited by your tools. The Twist-A-Mini™ is 9 tools in 1 delivering professional results every time. Etch, engrave, drill and more.

All the tools that have been giving DIYers
an extra helping hand for years

  • Extra Pair Of Hands™

    Hold any item, even awkward shapes, in your clamp leaving both your hands free to work with. The must-have professional clamping system. The system is portable, so you can take it anywhere you need to clamp, not just your workshop.

  • Transforma Ladder™

    With the Transforma™ you get up to 35 different ladders in one portable, compact, easy-to-use unit. One ladder for every job, inside and out. Get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can't reach - even on staircases and slopes.

  • Paint Runner™ Pro

    The latest quick and easy professional paint system. Transform your home - paint a wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in just 20. You control how thick the paint is by how hard you press so all you'll ever need is one coat to get the job done.

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